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Our veterinarians are experienced with treating horses.

Dr Matthew, Dr Katelyn and Dr Emily are all keen riders. In 1991 Matthew represented Australia in Endurance riding at the North American Championships. He was 11th and the first male to cross the finish line! Matthew and Katelyn officiated as veterinarians at the World Endurance Championships in Dubai in 1998. Matthew and Katelyn own a well known endurance horse stud with 3 stallions and 50 horses.

We provide a mobile service in the Wollondilly district and nearby Highland villages. The Thirlmere Clinic has good off street float parking, a day yard, paddock and horse stocks.

We provide a range of equine health services backed up with practical advice whether your horse is a child's pony or a high level competition horse.

Equine services include:


1. Consultation

2. Gelding (castration)

3. Pre-purchase examination

4. Vaccination

5. Ultrasound pregnancy scans

6. Routine dental care / tooth rasping

7. Sedation and general anaesthesia

8. Lameness investigation

9. Infection, eye injury and arthritis care

10. Colic treatment (non-surgical)

11. Behaviour and training advice

12. Microchipping and identification

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