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Do I need to make an appointment?

Yes, by making an appointment we can ensure that the veterinarian is available and that delays in the waiting room are minimised. Emergencies however can be seen with priority straight away. In addition to consulting, our veterinarians carry out surgery and house calls during the day.


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How often does my pet need a vaccination?

Puppies and kittens require 3 boosters initially and an annual booster thereafter to maintain protective immunity. An annual check up is always very important as any health issues with your pets will be detected earlier.

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Do you have kittens up for adoption?

Yes, we often have kittens looking for good homes. Please call us at Thirlmere for more information about kittens for adoption.

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Do you run a Puppy Pre-School?

Yes, Selena Watson our senior nurse at Thirlmere operates the Positive Paws dog training and conducts regular Puppy Classes at the Thirlmere Vet Clinic. 



Should I desex my pet?

Yes. Desexing prevents many health problems (prostatitis, uterus infections, reproductive cancers) as well as undesirable behaviour (roaming, dominant aggression,urine spraying). Unless you plan to breed, desex by 6mths of age.

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Can I book the vet to do a house call?

Yes. We understand that clients may need a mobile service when they are without transport or perhaps your pet stresses at the vet clinic. We have a purpose fitted van that can also transport your pet to hospital if needed!

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Is the vet experienced with horses and farm animals?

Yes. Our veterinarians are all experienced with farm animals. Dr Matthew Walker is a competitive endurance rider and ride veterinarian and currently sits on the EQUESTRIAN NSW Endurance Committee.

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Do you offer cat boarding?

Yes, at the Thirlmere Clinic. Cats stay in our indoor climate controlled 'cat motel' away from any dogs and hospital patients. Discounts apply for multiple cats, seniors card holders, pensioners and for long term stays.

Rates from $16.00/day or $99.00/week

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Are dental checks free of charge?

Yes. Our dental checks for dogs and cats are FREE at our clinics year round - however always by appointment. If you wish to discuss other health problems or if your pet needs a complete examination our standard consultation fee will apply.

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In an emergency what should I do?

During business hours or after hours always phone first for advice and so we can ensure that a vet is available. At times your pet may need to proceed straight to the 24hr Emergency Centre located at Ingleburn as there is a vet on site 24hrs a day 365 days a year.

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