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We offer a mobile veterinary service to all your farm animals. 

Our caring country vets have treated a wide range of animals over the past 20 years - from ostriches to alpacas and fat tailed sheep to miniature pigs!

Common health issues for farm animals include:

  • weakness and weight loss
  • lameness and arthritis
  • skin wounds
  • bloat and diarrhoea
  • pregnancy diagnosis
  • birthing difficulty
  • castration/reproductive
  • worms and parasites
  • eye infections
  • hoof problems
  • hair loss
  • skin infection

If your farm animal needs veterinary attention give us a call to discuss the problem and arrange an appointment.

Your animal should be penned or in a small yard for the most effective consultation and examination.

Cattle requiring attention will generally require being in a secure stockyard with a race/crush restraint facility.

We offer professional and practical health care advice for your farm animals.

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