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Our grooming services include:


1. Nail trims

Trims are something many pets dislike and owners fear! Allow us to ease your worry by trimming your pet's nails. We have the experience to make it easier for you and your pet. Sedation is available if needed.

Nail trim $22 (without sedation)


2. Coat clipping - we are able to clip heavy and matted coats under a reversible sedation which reduces stress and discomfort for your pet. 

Call in with your pet for a quote

For breed clips please contact:

Debbie at Happy Hounds at Colo Vale

Ph 02 4889 5728

Stefanie at Dog Spa Deluxe at Thirlmere

Ph 02 4683 0847

Anne at Setters Nest Pet Grooming at Pheasants Nest

Ph 02 46841722


 3. Anal glands (dogs)

Anal glands (scent glands) may overfill and become painful for dogs. A frequent sign of anal gland problems is when they are 'scooting' their bottom along the ground or frequently licking their rear end.

Impacted anal glands can burst - often then requiring surgery.

Express the anal glands $25

4. Ear Cleaning

Ear infections are very painful and are a common problem. Wax builds up causing chronic irritation. Yeast and bacteria then multiply resulting in sticky, smelly ears.

If your pet scratches at his ears or shakes his head - book an ear clean. A sedative can be given as needed to reduce pain.

Ear clean from $33* (without sedation*)

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