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Heartworm is spread by mosquitos. Tiny heartworm larvae circulate in the blood and adult worms develop inside the heart. Untreated dogs will progress to heart failure. Heartworm is very rare in cats.


Heartworm is easily prevented by a once-a-year Proheart injection from the vet.

Other dosing products are available however these can fail if doses are missed. We provide reminders for an annual preventative injection which is generally timed with the annual check up and vaccination.

If your dog has:

i) Never been on prevention or

ii) Missed doses of prevention

Firstly get a heartworm blood test done to check that your pet has not been infected. The veterinarian only needs a drop or two of blood and results are available within minutes.


The veterinarian will decide when it is best to carry out a blood test and when you can safely commence your pet on heartworm prevention.

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