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A puppy brings fun and joy to any home. Puppies have special health needs and also require training and regular exercise.

All puppies need to be vaccinated, regularly wormed, protected from heartworm and microchipped. 






Registration with council is required by 6 months of age. Registration is discounted to $40 for desexed dogs.

information for dog owners in NSW.pdf
Local government rules and regulations of pet ownership.
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Learn about all benefits of desexing for both male and female dogs.




Consider Puppy Preschool at 3mths of age and obedience training by 5mths of age for your new puppy. Click on the link...


Dog Training


Guides to buying a puppy and owning a dog.

Selection and breed info

dog owners handbook.pdf
A detailed guide to canine care.
RSPCA smart puppy buyers guide.pdf
Guide to buying a new puppy.
consumers guide to buying a pet.pdf
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