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We provide expert advice on feeding and nutrition for your pets.


We stock a range of premium and prescription pet foods. If we don't have the food you are after - we can always order it in!


High quality petfoods contain more highly digestible ingredients, prebiotics and highest levels of protein. It is important to feed your puppy or kitten only quality petfood. We recommend the BIG DOG Barf range of fresh 100% natural foods for dogs and cats and the IVORY COAT range of 100% Aussie natural dryfoods.

Cheaper quality petfoods substitute low cost plant based proteins and fibres, which are harder to digest and do not provide the nutrition that is best for your cat or dog. Cheap foods may also make the pet's stools bulky, smelly and soft.


Dogs and cats need regular raw bones and pet dental chews as this is equivalent to us using a toothbrush!

It is easy to tell which animals are fed regular raw bones and chews by the amount of tartar that is accumulated on their teeth each year!

Your pet's bodyweight is important and affects their overall health and wellbeing.


Obesity in Pets

Obese pets suffer more health problems including increased arthritis, fatty liver disease, ligament damage, back pain, diabetes and pancreatitis. Obesity is a significant problem for pet dogs and cats. The most common cause is overfeeding treats and dryfood! One cup of dryfood has the same calories as around 5 cups of fresh meat! Dryfood is concentrated in energy.


Talk to us about the most effective diet and weight management program for your pet.

Weigh-ins are FREE and your pet will be supported in their quest to lose weight as well as getting fit and healthy!

We stock pet foods for dogs and cats that are low in fat but are also very palatable.

1. IVORY COAT for dogs - turkey (low fat)

2. BIG DOG range of natural cat and dog foods (BARF - raw food 100% fresh and natural)

3. ROYAL CANIN - canine and feline obesity

Can't find want you need...

Call us and we will answer your questions.

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