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There are a number of internal and external parasites that adversely affect the health of pets, horses and farm animals.

Intestinal worms may debilitate and kill animals. Common types of worms include roundworms and tapeworms. Puppies and kittens often carry worms and need treating frequently. Adult dogs and cats should be wormed at least every 3 months.

On small farms - horses, sheep, goats and alpaca are highly susceptible to heavy worm burdens and require regular drenching (de-worming) every 2 months. We see too many small ruminants on local farms dying from something as preventable as worms.

Regular worming and treatment for external parasites is essential to prevent potential spread of parasites to humans. Worms such as roundworms and hydatid tapeworm can cause serious disease in people. Children are at greatest risk of infection.

External parasites such as fleas, ticks and mites are common problems for dogs and cats in our district. Many people don't realise that 95% of the population of fleas are in the environment rather than on the pet. One female flea lays over one hundred eggs a day! Fleas breed best in warm, humid and stormy weather conditions. Flea numbers peak in Summer and Autumn.

For the most effective approach to eradicating fleas on your pets you will need to treat both your pet and the environment. Owners also need to ensure that all of the dogs and cats in the household are being treated.


If your dog has ticks or mange - talk to us about the most effective treatments. 

Contact us if you holiday with your pet on the coast as your pet will need good paralysis tick prevention working before you leave home. Paralysis ticks are common and are deadly.

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