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The Happy Healthy Pets Reward Program aims to promote year-round optimal health care. 




Is there a Loyalty Card?

Yes! Each of your pets needs a Reward Card. Pick one up from our clinic.


How to earn Pet Reward Points?


Receive 2 POINTS when you DESEX* your pet at Caring Country Vets.


Receive 1 POINT each time you purchase these products or services:







NOTE*: Breeders will receive ONE Reward point per desexing and ONE Reward Point per litter vaccination.


What are the Happy Healthy Pet Rewards?


Four (4) points rewards your pet with a HALF PRICE 250ml SHAMPOO


Eight (8) points rewards your pet with a FREE STANDARD CONSULTATION

(Value $59)



If you have any questions about the Happy Healthy Pets Reward Program please contact us.


Other Aspects of the Rewards Program...


Recommend us to family and friends!

When you refer someone to us we are sincerely thankful. Ask them to mention you at their first visit to our practice and we will thank you with a $10 credit to your account.


Donate a Happy Healthy Pet Reward!

Give your Pet Rewards to a pet adoption charity that we currently support.


Terms and Conditions

Caring Country Vets/Thirlmere Veterinary Services Pty Ltd ("the Practice"); Pet Rewards Loyalty Program ("the Program"); Pet Owner ("the Client"); Pet Reward Loyalty Card ("the Card"); Reward Program Points ("Points"); Loyalty Program Reward ("Reward").

1.1 To receive Point(s) the Client must pay in full for the qualifying product or service at the time of the visit. No Points are offered for products or services purchased on account or for products or services paid for at a later date.

1.2 The purchase must be for the minimum quantity of product or for the type of service specified on this page as that is the requirement to recieve one Reward Point.

1.3 Any purchase as part of the Program must be completed during one visit in order to qualify for Points.

1.4 Breeders may receive a maximum of one (1) Point per Desexing and one (1) Point per litter/group for vaccination and/or microchipping. The Point is credited to the Card for the dam of the puppies or kittens. Points are not transferrable to another animal.

1.5 The Card must be stamped and dated at the time of purchase of the listed Program service or product by an authorised Practice employee.

1.6 The Card is only issued to Clients of the Practice. Clients are persons owning an animal and recorded at the Practice.

1.7 One Card is issued for one individual animal.

1.8 Replacement of a lost Card is not permitted.

1.9 Replacement of a damaged Card is permitted if the damaged Card is submitted to the Practice in exchange for the replacement Card. The damaged Card will be destoyed.

1.10 Points earned in the Program remain valid towards a Reward while the Practice is owned and operated by Thirlmere Veterinary Services Pty Ltd. The Program will immediately cease to operate and all Cards and Points will become invalid if the practice is sold or the ownership is transferred.

1.11 The Program will be reviewed on January 1 each year and changes applied at that time by the Practice. Changes to the Program can include changes to the Rewards offered and/or changes to number of Points required to reach a specific Reward.

1.12 Clients who have provided the Practice with an email address will be contacted by email and notified of any changes to the Program 30 days prior to any change taking effect. Any changes will also be published on the Practice website prior to any change taking effect

1.13 In order to receive a Reward in the Program all Card purchases must be verified against the Practice computer records by an authorised Practice employee.

1.14 One Card relates to one animal and one Client participating in the Program. Cards and Points are NOT TRANSFERABLE to a different Card, animal and/or Client. Points earned on different Cards may not be combined or added to a new Card.

1.15 Rewards from the Program may be donoted by a Client to an approved pet adoption charity that the Practice is actively supporting at the time of donation. It is agreed that the Practice will allocate the donated Reward to a charity or pet rescue service of the Practice's choice.

1.16 The Card may not be copied or duplicated in any way. Only Cards issued by the Practice are valid.

1.17 The Practice has the right to substitute a Reward for a different product or service of equivalent value with prior agreement with the Client and at the sole discretion of the Practice manager.

1.18 The practice may cancel a Card held by a Client who has an outstanding unpaid account at the Practice. The Practice may refuse to issue a Card to a Client who has an outstanding unpaid account at the Practice and/or is a known Bad Debtor of the Practice.

1.19 A Card with eight (8) completed Points may be submitted by the Client to the Practice to be considered for a Reward. The Practice will verify the Point total is correct and will retain any submitted and/or returned Cards. A Card with less than the required validated Points will not qualify for the Reward.

1.20 The Card must be set up by an authorised employee of the Practice on the day of collection from the clinic (Start Date). A Card with no Start Date is deemed invalid.

1.21 The Reward Free consultation does not include any medications, pathology tests or other services administered or supplied by the practice at the Reward visit.

1.22 The Card needs to be stamped and dated at the time of each purchase of a qualifying product or service. 

1.23 The date of commencement of the Program is 1/1/15. Cards may be issued stamped and earn Points from January 1, 2015.  Points cannot be earned retrospectively (for past purchases at the Practice prior to 1/1/15).

1.24 The 2015 Reward for eight (8) Card Points is one free consultation provided to the animal named on the Card. The consultation must be carried out within a hospital of the Practice. The consultation must be less than 20 minutes in duration and must be performed during normal consulting hours for that clinic. The Client must book the consultation at least 24 hours before the requested appointment time. Less than 24 hours to the appointment may be allowed only at the sole discretion of the Practice manager. This Reward may be utilised at the Client's choice as any one of the following consultation types (standard, breeder rate, rabbit, senior card, pensioner). There is no credit or partial refund paid to the Client if the consultation type that is utilised by the Client for the Reward is of lessor value than the current standard consultation fee.

1.25 A second pet standard consultation fee will apply for any other pet examined at the same consultation as the Free Reward Consultation.

1.26 The 2015 pet Reward for four (4) Card Points is 50% discount on the purchase price of one bottle of any pack of stocked brand of pet shampoo from the Practice. Shampoo pack sizes available range from 200ml to 1 litre.

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