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Rabbits and

 Guinea Pigs

Rabbit and Guniea Pig Care Notes 


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Pet rabbits should be protected from Calicivirus with a vaccination at 3 months of age and thereafter a booster once a year. This viral disease has been released in our local area to control wild rabbits.


Ask us how to reduce the risk of your pet rabbit being infected with Myxomatosis. Good protection from mosquitoes is absolutely essential so ensure your hutch is fully insect screened.

Desexing of rabbits and guinea pigs is available. Call us to discuss options. Understand that a hysterectomy or castration surgery for your small pet is complex and takes as long to perform and utilizes the same level of professional skill and materials as for desexing a dog; so the cost is therefore similar.

At Caring Country Vets we understand how attached people are to their small pets. We provide a wide range of health services to help keep your rabbit or guinea pig healthy.

We provide a 20% Consultation discount for pet rabbits and guinea pigs.

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