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Xray, ultrasound and pathology services are very useful diagnostics for sick or injured pets.

Blood tests can indicate infection, inflammation, organ function as well as electrolyte, hormone, enzyme and glucose abnormalities.

Our practice has a state of the art onsite Idexx laboratory for the most rapid and complete blood testing. Results in less than 30 minutes!

A blood test provides an assessment of internal organs that are hidden from view such as the kidneys and liver. Blood and urine tests are important aids in diagnosis of disease. Many diseases such as diabetes and renal failure, in the early stages, can only be detected by a blood test.


Ultrasound at our practice is available for pregnancy diagnosis and reproductive investigation. For some other scans we refer patients to specialists in Sydney.

Digital X-Rays are detailed images that can be enlarged and can be shared with specialists. We provide an advanced onsite digital x-ray suite at our clinic in Tahmoor. Digital x-ray is also non-polluting and so is better for the environment than conventional wet film techniques.


We will examine your pet and discuss when x-ray, blood testing or referral to a specialist is indicated. We present the health care options however respect that the decision to proceed or not with more specialised diagnostics is always your decision.

Pet insurance provides a good safety net for unexpected treatment costs brought about by an injury or illness. Typically up to 80% of fees may be reclaimed. Premiums range from around a dollar to two dollars a day depending on the level of cover and the age of the pet.


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For more information about diagnostic tests or specialist referral give us a call.

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