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We recommend desexing your dogs and cats as a normal part of responsible pet ownership.

Desexing is best carried out before 6 months of age, and for females, prior to coming 'on heat' or 'in season'. Early desexing is beneficial for a number of reasons and no dog or cat is too old to be desexed.

Desexing benefits male as well as female pets and is usually day surgery. Desexing is provided to you at a substantially discounted fee compared with equivalent types of surgery. In this way our practice promotes and supports responsible pet ownership in our community. There will be a surcharge if an animal is 'on heat' (in season) or for males if both testicles are not present externally.

We provide 15% discounted early desexing for kittens under 4mths of age (strictly 1 to 2kg bodyweight) to reduce pet overpopulation, feral cats and straying.

It is estimated there are over 4 million dogs and 3 million cats currently in Australia. Our country having one of the highest rates of pet ownership in the world.

For female pets benefits of desexing include...

1. prevention of unwanted pregnancy

2. prevention of reproductive cancers (eg. uterine and ovarian cancer)

3. reduced risk of mammary cancer for dogs if desexed before 6 months of age

4. prevention of an infected uterus which is life threatening (pyometra)

5. reduced risk of straying and injury


For male pets benefits of desexing include...

1. prevention of pregnancy in females

2. prevention of some reproductive cancers 

(eg. testicular)

3. reduced risk of prostate problems

4. reduced aggression and dominant behaviour

5. reduction in sexual behaviour

6. reduction in roaming and subsequent injury and cost to owner from roaming

7. reduction and prevention of urine spraying in cats

Receive a 10% discount for desexing more than one pet on the same day!

Call us for a quote to desex your pet.

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