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Dr Matthew Walker BVSc

Graduating from Sydney University in 1991, Matthew grew up underneath an operating table; as his father was also a vet! As the co-principal of the practice Matthew has worked at Thirlmere Vet Clinic for over 20 years. He is focused on providing sound medicine with good service and enjoys treating a wide variety of animals. Matthew and his wife Katelyn breed endurance horses and Matthew actively competes in and also vets at endurance rides. Matthew likes running marathons (of the human kind), listening to talking books (on the road in between house calls) and fishing (whenever he can!).

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Dr Katelyn Armstrong BVSc (Hons)

Graduating with Honours from Sydney University in 1990, Katelyn grew up on the South Coast of NSW spending much of her childhood on her grandparent's dairy farm. Aged 8, she decided she wanted to be a vet! Katelyn is dedicated to compassionate care and preventative medicine for all pets. In 1998 Katelyn was invited to work as a team veterinarian at the World Endurance Championship in Dubai. Katelyn loves photography and enjoys time spent with family. She keeps busy with three teenage children as well as a menagerie of furry friends at home.

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Dr Rennie Sinclair-Kydd  BVetBio BVSc

Graduating from Charles Sturt University in Wagga Wagga, Rennie was born and bred locally in Campbelltown. He attended Hurlstone Agricultural High School before uni and has always been passionate about animals and the rural lifestyle. With broad interests in the veterinary world including large and small animals he always enjoys helping out the local community. Rennie also DJs and operates a small events business; running regular gigs on weekends. As you can see Rennie also loves music! Rennie is a talented and popular member of the vet team.

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Dr James Robey  BVetBio BVSc BSci (Hons) BAniSci

Graduating as a veterinarian following an earlier degree with honours year in Animal Science; Jamie loves working with animals and consulting with their humans! In his spare time he enjoys mixed martial arts and being outdoors; camping, hiking and surfing as well as spending time exploring nature with his Australian Shepherd "Buddy". Jamie loves a challenge and aims to provide the highest standard of care to all his patients. He's caring and compassionate and looks forward to getting to know you and your pets.


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vet nurse 

Kiernan has a university degree in biomedical science and joined the team in 2015. She has a special interest in birds and reptiles is always happy to give clients good advice about all aspects of health care for their usual and not so usual pets!


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Brooke joined our practice in 2020 and has completed her Certificate 4 Qualification in Veterinary Nursing. Brooke loves horse riding and everything horse related. She has a positive energy and enjoys helping people and their pets.


vet nurse at Tahmoor


Caitlin is fully qualified as a Certificate 4 Vet Nurse. She has worked in the practice since 2014. Her positive outlook always appreciated by patients and clients alike. Caitlin loves working with animals and has the ability to calm down even the most nervous pets and pet parents! 


nurse assistant


Amy has grown up locally in Thirlmere. She assists at Thirlmere Clinic with enthousiasm and care.

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vet nurse 

Tiana has completed her Certificate 4 Qualification in Veterinary Nursing and has worked with the practice since 2017. Tiana has great nursing skills and an innate understanding of animals. She loves to assist you with your pets.


vet nurse at Tahmoor

Eliza enjoys her work as a vet nurse at Tahmoor and has a wealth of experience involving all kinds of animals. Eliza joined us in 2013. She also has a deep passion for horses and is a competitive polocrosse player! 


vet nurse at Thirlmere


Ellyse is fully qualified as a Certificate 4 Vet Nurse. She wanted to become a vet nurse since she was very young and loves seeing the happiness and comfort that pets bring their owners. Ellyse also enjoys surgical nursing and caring for pets while in hospital.

Vet Nurse Trainees

We support veterinary nurses who are completing their Certificate 4 Nursing Certificate at TAFE. We appreciate their amazing care and positive input in our practice.



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