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We offer a range of services and special discounts for breeders.


The decision to breed puppies, kittens or other animals is a major undertaking that requires investment of significant time and finance. Level of experience and expertise is a factor to consider before taking the plunge into the world of breeding. For the majority of registered breeders it is a full time job!


There will be owners who wish to breed their pet dog or cat. It is not often we see individuals or families venture into breeding their pet more than once so be prepared for a lot of extra work!


Be aware that pets that are not desexed before 6 months of age will more often than not become pregnant. 

Call us for professional advice about all aspects of breeding and reproduction.

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Services for breeders include -

1. Litter rates for vaccination and microchip

2. Ultrasound for pregnancy diagnosis

3. Blood testing for ovulation - progesterone (dogs)

4. Pre-mating culture swabs 

5. Artificial Insemination (AI)

6. Special rates for early desexing at 3mths

7. Treatment for mastitis, eclampsia, pyometra, dystocia and other common reproductive health issues

8. Caesarian surgery in dogs and cats. We perform 60+ caesarians every year.

9. DNA screening for heritable disease

10. Experienced veterinary advice

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